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About Us

About Sasy Edutech

Keeping Your Prospects On Site

We are SASY Edutech Pvt. Ltd. company started in November 2022 by four young and visionary co-founders in Delhi, India.
SASY Means- Smart Academy, Smart Yield.

We are providing online self-paced learning courses & SASY tokens with it.
The use of digital technologies to improve learning has been referred to as “education technology or Edutech.”
India is one of the top nations in the world for educational technology, and many companies have sprung up specifically to offer these services. It’s critical to realize that educational technology encompasses both the tools themselves and how they are used to facilitate learning.


Our vision is to transform how people use cryptocurrency tokens in order to become the best Edutech company in the world.


At SASY Edutech, our mission is to transform the lives of people by providing creative and innovative education solutions.
Why Choose Us

Widen your Network Marketing without Hassles

We have came-up with 7 income opportunity to earn you abundance of money as well as giving you many other rewards with it.

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Extensive Network, Built For You

Sasy Edutech is now becoming a leading direct selling company dealing in world multi level marketing services. We are constantly growing at a phenomenal rate every year. The growth rate in itself speaks volumes about the quality of the services, the marketing plan and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system.

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Please write to us using the contact form below if you would like to know more about the opportunity, share ideas, give feedback, have complaints, or would simply like to request a catalogue for ou services.

Our Team

Sonu Verma

Co-founder & CEO

MD Sheraz

Co-founder & COO

Monu Kushwaha​

Co-founder & BDO

Yogesh Kumar

Co-founder & CMO


Inam ul Haque

Angel Investor

Joe Dfelex

Global Crypto Advisor

Mark Jurgen

Global Blockchain Expert

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